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Sunday School
Glenda Gephardt, Denise Raggio, Cindy Gibbs and Kelsey Kotansky

First Unity Church offers a full Sunday School for nursery through high-school-aged children during our 10:30 a.m. service. We have four classes, for students from age two years to 17 years old. On Sunday mornings, we first do a combined assembly of all the classes before breaking into groups; the classes are divided by age and grade.

For our ongoing lesson series, we used lessons learned from the Harry Potter books. We looked for the Powers within us and discussed each at length, including: Zeal, Order, Love, Strength, Faith, Power, Judgment, Imagination, Release, Will, Life and Understanding.

Currently, we are going through a workbook called "The God in Me." Children from 6 to 11 can earn a badge or a pin if they are in scouts. Those who aren't in scouts can earn a Unity emblem.

Within the last year or so, the Sunday School has done several service projects. We collected money from our weekly love offering and from the generous congregants. One Easter, we sent baby chicks to a third world country so people there could raise chickens. Currently, we have 250 ponchos to donate to the homeless.

Visitors are always welcome!

First Unity Sunday School Staff
Denise Halbert-Raggio is the Director of First Unity's Youth Ministry.
Sunday School teacher Glenda Gebhardt has been in the Girl Scout Leadership for over 35 years. Glenda is a nurse and a tireless volunteer.
Sunday School teacher Cindy Gibbs has been part of the First Unity Sunday School since her family came to the church in 1999. Her career background is speech pathology and working with children with special needs. She is going to graduate school to get another certification in English as a second language. She works with Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and the Concordia Turners.