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First Unity Sacred Service Ministries

There is nothing small in the service of God. Frances de Sales

If you're interested in joining one of First Unity's ministries, please call the church office at 314-845-8540. Your service would be much appreciated.

Prayer Chaplain Ministry - Offers individual prayer support on Sunday mornings, through monthly prayer calls, and in hospital and nursing home visits. Training Required and provided. Co-chairs: Linda Harr, Anne Hartupee, Mary Tumminello. Ministry Liaison - Jan Mourning

Prayer Circle Ministry - Offers prayer support via a phone call chain and an Internet group. Co-chairs: Phone - TBD - Internet - Linda Harr Ministry Liaison - Jan Mourning

Youth Ministry - "Touches tomorrow" by assisting the Sunday youth program. To assure our parents and protect our children, this requires a background check. Chair & Board Liaison - Denise Halbert-Raggio

Music Ministry - Integrates the Sunday message into the worship experience through music, song and instrumental performance. Chair and Ministry Liaison - Anne Hartupee

Welcoming Ministry - Provides the "friendly first impression" of our spiritual community with a strategic welcoming plan. Greeters and ushers are part of this ministry. CO-chairs: Karen Wallis, TBA Board Liaison: Paul Henley

Sound & Light Ministry - Enhances Sunday services and special events through sound and lighting. Training required & provided. Chair: TBD Ministry Liaison: Anne Hartupee

Bookstore Ministry - Assist Bookstore Manager in serving in the Bookstore on Sunday mornings. Book Store Manager: Jane Vondruska Board Liaison: Betty Ponzar

Community Service & Outreach Ministry - Identifies and coordinates meaningful community service projects in alignment with First Unity Vision, Mission, Core Values. Participates in Unity Worldwide Ministries Outreach Program. CO-chairs: Cathy Zehner, TBD Board Liaison: Hope Dodson

Hospitality & Events Ministry - Plans and executes the spiritual community's social activities and fund raising programs. CO-chairs: Cathy Zehner, Larry Lampert Ministry Liaison: Rick Emnett

Lending Library Ministry - Assists in cataloging, shelving, and maintaining our extensive lending library. Chair: Georgia Baugh Board Liaison: Betty Ponzar

Promotion Ministry - Creates and implements a multifaceted plan of marketing and advertising promote First Unity Church as an inclusive, vibrant spiritual community. Coordinates social media and First Unity newsletter. CO-chairs: Patricia Reiss, Kathy Boyd Board Liaison: Carol Ellerman

Technical & Visual Arts Ministry - Creates long-range strategic plan for visual and technical support for Sunday worship services. Ministry Team: Anne Hartupee, Eric Vondruska, Jan Mourning
Board Liaison: Carol Ellerman

Main Building & Grounds Facilities & Maintenance Ministry - Manages maintenance and repairs of the main building and grounds to ensure the building and property provide a safe, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing environment for the spiritual community. CO-chairs: Chuck Seeger, Jim
Petrovic Board Liaison: Paul Henley

Budget & Finance Ministry - Creates and manages a viable budget and long-range plan for First Unity Church. This is a short-term Board of Directors Ministry. Ministry Team: Hope Dodson, John Young.

Sunday Celebration Ministry - Prepares for and sets up weekly Sunday celebrations after church. Also does an abbreviated cleaning afterwards and follows guidelines for closing & locking the church.

Green Team Ministry - Creates and executes a plan for implementing environmentally friendly practices in our church, homes, and community.