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Leila Fischer Talks

Reverend Leila Fischer was hired by First Unity Church of St. Louis in November 1978 and became a beloved leader. She had a very strong ministry, increasing membership and creating a substantial building fund. See the First Unity History for further details of Reverend Fischer's ministry.

Now available are CD copies of selected talks presented by Reverend Fischer. To order any of the talks listed below, please call the church office at 314-845-8540 and provide the name and date of the talk you would like to order, along with your name and address if you want the CD mailed to you. You can also pick up the CD at church on Sunday. The CDs cost $3.00 each; if you want the CD mailed, there's a $2.00 shipping and handling charge, for a total cost of $5.00. For your convenience, you can pay through our secure PayPal account.

Title Date
What Direction Are You Going on the Highway of Life 7/6/1980
I Double Dare You 7/13/1980
Building the God Equivalent (Palm Sunday) 4/12/1981
Life is For Living (Easter) 4/19/1981
How to Cure Worry Warts 1/24/1982
Pocket Book Prosperity 2/7/1982
Physical Prosperity 2/14/1982
Enriching Relationships 2/21/1982
Here We Go Thru the Eye of the Needle 7/11/1982
God's Mysterious Ways 7/18/1982
How to Get There from Here 7/25/1982
How High Is Your Bliss Tolerance 8/1/1982
The Incredible Magic of Love 8/22/1982
Courage Unlimited 8/29/1982
Positive Addictions 9/19/1982
Secrets 9/26/1982
Let's Eliminate Anger 1/23/1983
Forgiveness - Your Spiritual Eraser 1/30/1983
How to Love Yourself 2/20/1983
How Does God Love Us 2/27/1983
The Risen Christ (Easter) 4/3/1983
Aye, Aye, Sir -- Reverend Lowell Turner 4/19/1983
What On Earth Is God's Will for Us 9/4/1983
Karmic Amnesia 9/11/1983
Christmas Miracles 12/25/1983
Open a New Door 1/1/1984
NEW!! Burning Bowl Service 1/1/1989
NEW!! Recreating Yourself 1/8/1989