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What Denomination Is Unity

Unity offers a new way of thinking, a new way of being. It is a way full of hope, love, peace, abundance, healing and joy. It is a way of oneness that truly allows people to see one another as brothers and sisters. Uniity is more than a religion -- Unity is a way of life.

Unity does not proselytize. We are happy to have you call yourself a Unity student and join a Unity group. But we are happy when we can help you be a better Methodist, a better Catholic, a better whatever you are.

We do not pressure people for money, ask people to join, or in any way push ourselves or our ideas on anyone who does not want them. Unity does not demand that you subscibe to a creed. Unity does not ask whether you are a member of some particular religious organization. Unity does not require you to perform certain rites and practices. In all these matters, it leaves you free.

This is one of the great characteristics of Unity. It leaves people free to practice their religion at whatever level they have come up to, and to do whatever they feel is right and necessary to establish their own right relationship with God. Unity crosses all religious bodies, all denominations. It does this not as a separating, divisive force, but as a harmonizing, strengthening force. The work of Unity -- its religious activity as a church -- is done with no regard to sect or denomination.

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